Hand In Hand (with Book 1)

Hand In Hand (with Book 1) is a collection of 32 backing tracks for 16 pieces. The pieces in question are listed below and the printed music for these solo parts can be found in Volume 1 of the Suzuki Piano School. This sale is ONLY the backing tracks and NOT the printed music for the solo parts.

Each piece has two backing tracks, one with the solo piano part and accompanying instruments and one without the solo piano part (so just the accompanying instruments).

To help you play along to the backing tracks, each backing track has a short introduction.

Please note that  "Allegro"  is not included in this collection

ContentsHoney Bee, Cuckoo, Lightly Row, French Children's Song, London Bridge, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Au Clair de la Lune, Long Long Ago, Little Playmates, Chant Arabe, Allegretto 1, Good Bye To Winter, Allegretto 2, Christmas Day Secrets, Musette.